Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Welcome Home Ruby!

Ruby came home yesterday! She was discharged with a pulse oximeter to wear while she was eating. They first tried to send her home on an apnea monitor which was terrible. She doesn't have apnea, so it didn't make any sense, and she had to wear these electrodes on a belt around her waist. The false alarm kept going off when the electrodes would slip, and it was so loud and obnoxious that I felt like we were causing hearing damage. I had to spend the night with her in the hospital to show that I knew how to use the monitor. I won't go into how ridiculous this was, but it's the rule and I did it. In a way it was good because I was able to tell them we didn't need the apnea monitor and the MD agreed, and we just came home with the pulse ox. She is still desatting some, but it is not bad and she doesn't do it every feed.

One day in and so far so good. I'm trying to get the girls on the same schedule which is working, although when by myself I feed one first then the next. It is still taking them 30 to 40 minutes each to eat, so I feel like my day is feed, burp, change repeat. Emmett hasn't paid them much attention but he is acting out so I know it is affecting him. One day he will thank me for giving him sisters, right?

Jake is off his seizure medicine. Small episode/seizure at school Monday morning but otherwise ok. We have an appointment with the neurosurgeon in April to explore surgical options to treat seizures. He just doesn't do well on medication. Hoping and praying for the best until then.

Together after 89 days in the hospital. 

They look so much alike now that we can really put them side to side. 

I love this one because Millie (on left) seems to be saying "what, I thought I was the only one and now I have to share?" and Ruby (on right) is happy to be home.


  1. Such fantastic news! Emmett will be adored by his doting sisters soon! Will be thinking of sweet Jake, too. Doing great, Mama!

  2. So excited! Emmett will adjust. Ben acted out when Lillie came home too. One day soon he will be bossing them around! Love the pictures. I think they look just like Emmett!

  3. They are adorable - and they look just like their brothers to me - so beautiful. Hope you can get some rest somehow. Much love!

  4. Aww. The girls look so sweet. You're doing a great job! I LOVE the sight of the school bus for Jake each morning. Emmett seems so busy and happy. He'll adore those sisters soon.

  5. LOVE these photos. Can't wait to officially meet them in person. xoxox

  6. Yeah! Celebrations all around! I am so thrilled for you to have them both home!! I know Jake will be a great big brother and they will have Emmett to love too! I am sure you are swamped and I am amazed by your ongoing energy and tenacity in getting all your children what they need!!
    Prayers of thanksgiving and more!!
    Tiffany and Roe Ellen