Thursday, December 22, 2011

Back to Birth Weight!

Millie is back to her birth weight - 2 lbs 2 oz and Ruby is back to her birth weight 1 lb 15 oz.  The neonatologist has increased their breast milk feeds to 12 cc's for Millie and 11 cc's for Ruby. He has turned off their TPN (the nutrition they are getting through IV). They will keep their PICC lines for a few days to prove that their stomachs can handle the increased feeds, but if all goes well then they will get the PICC lines out (it's a potential source of infection, so getting it out is a good thing if possible).

I am continuing to kangaroo care them for an hour each every day. It is a special time, but I found my mind wandering today and thinking briefly about what I could productively think about while holding them. I then realized that I have been given such a gift to hold them and not have to think about anything but Ruby and Millie. The first day I sang and talked to them the whole time, but now I've realized that the girls like to sleep and maybe they would like a little silence (especially if they are like my college sorority sisters who told me to mouth the words to our rush songs!).

I am also enjoying spending time with Jake and Emmett. They don't understand that they have sisters yet, but Emmett seemed to need a little kangaroo care of his own yesterday when he fell asleep on my lap (yes I am wearing my robe, but I had gotten Emmett dressed, so that should count for something!). I promise to update more about Jake and Emmett when I get the chance. I may not be writing about them, but trust me when I say they are getting plenty of attention!


  1. Elizabeth, your the sweetest soul I know, and your kiddos are so lucky to have such good parents. Adorable pic! Don't worry about the robe you deserve to wander around in it, lol! Love you! Always thinking of you and sending happy thoughts your way.

  2. Elizabeth, you look beautiful and this picture is so adorable I could weep! We are thinking of your whole family. Laura and Marty Renkis