Saturday, December 31, 2011

Gaining Weight

Sorry for the lack of posting but we moved back into our house this week. After 4 months of living at Scott's Dad's house, we are back! There is still some work to be done and many boxes to unpack, but it feels good to be home (and have new stuff!). Jake seems very excited to see many old toys that we left behind, have his swing right out back, and be able to walk from room to room (due to lack of baby proofing at Scott's Dad's we forced Jake and Emmett to stay in one room to play). Emmett has been a little displaced, but also seems excited to have more room, play with cars and trucks on various window ledges and realize that we had a train table (totally rocking his almost 18 month old world). He has been sleeping in a pack and play for the last 4 months, so after no real nap the last two days he finally settled into his new (old) crib and slept 3 1/2 hours today.

Millie and Ruby are finally gaining some weight. I was starting to worry, but they just needed some time and today Millie weighed 2 lbs 4 oz and Ruby weighed 2 lbs 2 oz! Millie is up to 20 mls of milk every 3 hours (that's 4 teaspoons) and Ruby is up to 19 mls of milk per feed. Today Scott and I got to give them a bath (which means I bathed them and Scott watched - he was too scared the wuss!) Scott got some great pictures, which I will share. They did not like getting their bodies washed, but both liked getting their hair washed. I got to really look at them closely this way, and they do look very alike. Until I get them side by side it's hard to make a true assessment. Millie seems a lot bigger, although there's only a 2 oz difference. She also has a birth mark on her belly that Ruby doesn't have.

Happy New Year's! Love, The Doolots

Ruby getting a bath!

Ruby post bath with her bear lovey (thanks Alison, Joyce and Kate)

Millie getting a bath!

Millie post bath with her bear lovey.

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