Sunday, December 18, 2011

PICC Lines are In!

Ruby's Christmas Ornaments made by her nurses!

Millie cracking a smile!

As of tonight both girls have PICC lines in! Hooray - I am so relieved. Both girls also got blood transfusions today and that probably helped their veins not be so fragile, but regardless I am thrilled. Their nurse had actually started peripheral IV's on Ruby and Millie before they got the PICC lines in, because the neonatologist had decided to start Millie on Indocin today too (Ruby got her first dose last night). The Indocin is supposed to help close their PDA's. They get three doses total 24 hours a part, so we won't know if it works for another day or so.

Ruby's stomach looked better this morning, and she is not acting like she has an infection, which is also good news. We'll have blood cultures back tomorrow or the next day. Both girls looked really good this afternoon after their blood transfusions. The nurses have made ornaments using their footprints which is adorable.

The picture of Millie is after she got her peripheral IV this morning. Scott and I were visiting, and it was heart breaking to hear Millie cry when they placed the IV. She did not cry long and once the nurse finished, and we came over to her she started cracking little smiles. I know they are not real smiles, but I felt like it was her little way of saying she's ok.

I think I will be able to hold the girls tomorrow since their umbilical catheters are gone. I can't wait. Thank you for all your prayers and words of kindness. Today was a good day.

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