Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Jake's EEG

One hour in it was looking like this:

Jake actually looks ok in this picture but it was mostly crying and kicking and trying to get those electrodes off or to get the techs to stop messing with his head. I just had to hold him tight. Afterwards he was very still and quiet for about 20 minutes just watching the Vecta machine (bubbles and lights) they brought in to distract him. I think he was so worn out from all the crying. Eventually he started playing and moved from the bed to the floor and back. The electrodes are attached to a long cord that allows him to move around pretty easily.

Jake ate a good dinner and Scott came to visit. He got several visits from Child Life (our nanny used to work for Child Life so we got primo star status!) and even got a pillow pet as a Valentine's Day present. He does not seem to be very bothered by the electrodes now.

As I write, Jake is supposed to be going to sleep. He is quiet but still rolling around. I am praying for a restful night for him. We should know the results of the EEG in the morning. I want to sincerely thank all of you for your prayers, notes, messages etc. It really gave me strength today as I got closer and closer to our 2 pm start time, and I felt empowered by all the good thoughts circling around me. It really does make a difference.

Millie and Ruby are doing better. Millie is on continuous oxygen although at a low flow and Ruby gets oxygen when she eats. Millie is getting a bottle every other feeding and Ruby is getting a bottle every feeding. The MD assures us that they will get back to where they where before the setback, but they need a little more time. Millie weighs 5 lbs and Ruby weighs 4 lbs 9 oz!

Ruby sucking her thumb today!


Emmett in motion about to pounce on Avery!

Happy Valentine's Day! Love, The Doolots


  1. love the pictures of the girls. jake is such a trooper - hopefully he can get a good night's sleep (and you can too). sending lots of prayers!

  2. EK - hang in there. You and your family inspire me every time I read one of your posts.