Friday, February 24, 2012

Welcome Home Millie

Sorry for the delay in posting this week. You'd think I had four kids or something. Millie is home! We thought we were bringing both girls home, but I have been a nervous wreck about Ruby. She has been dropping her sats after eating all week. She comes up eventually, but to watch her dip down in the 50's and bounce between 50 and 70 % for several minutes is pretty scary. It's odd because she has no trouble when she is actually eating, but afterwards when she needs to burp she tends to hold her breath. Our primary nurse has been out for 8 days and she was back today. She expressed concerns about it, because Ruby was still on oxygen with feeds the last time she worked. We both talked to the neonatologist about it today, and he suggested they keep Ruby for several days to watch it. The MD was actually there when I was feeding her and it happened today, so it was good for him to see it first hand. After looking at her chart he thinks she might just be over feeding. Apparently she is taking in about 30% more than they expect. She is "ad lib" feeding, so she can eat as much as she wants. She comes by that honestly! I was sad to leave her in the NICU but honestly pretty relieved. I am hoping that this will improve and she will be home in a few days. 

We're so excited to have Millie home. She's only been home 6 hours, and we've already had to change her clothes 3 times due to blow outs. The girls are on a 4 hour schedule right now which is pretty dreamy. I'm not sure that it will last when they "wake up" more, but it does make things easier. My boys always ate every 3 hours, so we'll see. We were worried about Emmett's reaction, but when he got up from his nap his Mimi (my Mom) and his Daddy were home in addition to me and Mamie (our nanny - not her real name but what Emmett calls her), so he was pretty excited. He looked at Millie and said "baby" but that was about it. Jake came home from school and went immediately to a swim lesson, so he didn't even really see her. By the time he got home she was asleep in her bassinet. Speaking of Jake, he has had 2 probable seizures this week, so please continue to pray for him. More on that later.

The hospital photographer took some pictures of the girls this morning. Wow - those have come a long way. I didn't even order any with Jake because they were so horrible and no one offered to take Emmett's pictures. These were pretty professional and they took multiple pictures. I snapped a few with my I-Phone during the session. 

Welcome Home Millie. We miss you Ruby.


  1. i love the picture of the 2 of them together but i can totally relate to you not wanting them to come home separately! hopefully you will have both of your girls home together sooN!

  2. Darling photo. Keeping you all in my prayers.

  3. How beautiful!! Continuing to pray for all of you and sending our love. Theresa

  4. Hooray! Millie is home! Cute pic of the two together!