Saturday, February 4, 2012

Open Crib

Millie made it to an open crib today. She looks like such a big girl. She has to hold her own temperature, so she is wearing a onesie, footy pajamas, and is covered with two blankets. We'll see how she does. Sometimes babies go back and forth for awhile. She weighs 4 lbs 6 oz! Just look at those cheeks filling out.

Ruby did fine with her transfusion. She did get some Lasix to help with the extra fluid, but she did not have to go back on the nasal cannula like Millie did with her transfusion. She weighs 3 lbs 11 oz. She lost a little weight during the transfusion because she couldn't eat, so now she is caught back up.

We moved rooms again. I thought we wouldn't have to move again, but the census is down and we're in a room with 4 other babies! I would be upset about the noise, but while I was there my girls monitors were beeping constantly, so we were making the most noise out of the 6. The monitors beep when the O2 sats drop below 87. My girls constantly go up and down. It is not considered a true "desat" unless they stay down and don't bring themselves back up, but the monitor goes off every time it drops. Very loud and annoying.

It's starting to hit me that the girls are actually going to be coming home. It has felt like such a long way off for so long, that I have put off dealing with the logistics of it all. Since we were out of our house this Fall, and I was on bed rest I never put together their nursery. Never to the rescue and boxes have been arriving daily. They won't tell me when the girls are coming home because they can't, but I do know that when they can hold their temp in an open crib and take all their bottles by mouth then that's the magic ticket. I think it may be sooner that we thought.

Jake is doing better. He is currently off all seizure medication. He has been a little hyper, but otherwise eating better and not too fussy. His MD wants him to do a 24 hour EEG at Vanderbilt. I think that makes sense, because he has not had an EEG in several years. That will tell us if he is having subclinical seizures. I hope we can get this scheduled before the girls get home, but that may not happen. That will be a very "un fun" 24 hours, but we'll get through it. Jake is sleeping in our room for now on a little blow up bed. We're always on seizure watch, but right now more so than normal.

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