Thursday, January 12, 2012

Double Time!

Millie and Ruby together again. Hard to believe they spent 27 weeks together and now have been separated since birth. I got to the NICU today and the respiratory therapist asked if I wanted to hold them together. YES!! She got a portable oxygen unit, and they were able to hook Millie up at Ruby's bedside. There are extra monitors at each bedside as well, so we were able to monitor both girls while I held them. It was amazing to see them together. They would occasionally open their eyes to stare at each other. At one point they both had an oxygen desaturation at the exact same time. Looking at the picture, Millie is in the pink and red hat and Ruby is in the pink and green hat. Now that the set up is there, I can continue to hold both of them together!

Millie now weighs 2 lbs 15 oz and is 16.5 inches long. Ruby is 2 lbs 9 oz and 16.3 inches long. We thought Millie might need a blood transfusion today (she is anemic - common preemie issue) but she is borderline, and they will recheck her blood in a few days. Hopefully she will not need one. They are both still on the 1 L nasal cannula with oxygen. I hope we can start weaning them down soon - they can go to 0.9 on the nasal cannula then 0.8 etc.

I can't get enough of seeing them together so here are more pics:

Millie looks at Ruby

Ruby looks at Millie


I had to throw this last one in here. This is Emmett beating on the doors of Phillip's Toy Mart. He was very angry that we left. I was going to buy something, but we had to abort mission at the counter and I had to carry him kicking and screaming out of the store.


  1. Those sweet girls holding hands and gazing at one another is the most precious, tender moment I have ever seen. So glad I got to see you this week ... Praying for your girls everyday.
    Carolyn Thombs
    (this is my son's google account so don't be fooled by the name!)

  2. Yea, Elizabeth! What an amazing day! That is the sweetest picture of the three of you--congratulations!

  3. Just can't believe how beautiful these ladies are (mama, too!!). What a moment!! Praying all continues to move in a positive direction. So happy for you all.

    Jamie Vallecorsa

  4. Those little girls holding hands is so precious....gave me chills. Love!!!

  5. EK! The pictures are amazing. Such precious blessings. Think of you often and praying for your sweet girls (and you)!