Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy One Month Birthday!

So today really is the girls' one month birthday. I got to hold both of them for an hour each. I can't hold them at the same time because their beds are too far away from each other for all the tubing to reach. Millie weighed 2 lbs 12 oz last night (down an ounce but she probably had a blow out right before) and Ruby is still 2 lbs 7 oz.  Millie's oxygen saturation was dropping before I held her. She didn't look good to me (I think dusky is the word the nurses use when they start to lose their nice pink color from lack of oxygen). I had the nurse suction her and out came the biggest boogie that must have been blocking at least one side of her nose. She did much better after that. One of the girls' nurses told me that they have to suction them about once a shift, and it always makes a difference. On the low flow nasal cannula there is no moisture/humidity like there is in the high flow cannulas. The oxygen tends to really dry out their noses. I am learning a lot from the NICU nurses and starting to know what to look out for, but then I start to worry about what happens when I'm not there. The nurses are really amazing though, and we haven't had a single one we didn't like.

I feel constantly pulled in a million different directions, but this is only the beginning and a feeling that I am going to have to get used to with four children. I think I do a better job focusing on the girls when I am with them than I probably do with Jake and Emmett. That is the one good thing about the NICU - it's quiet and I am there to hold them and that's it. I had the nurse take a quick pick of me holding the girls today with my phone. I am so happy holding them and so happy to have these girls. I was missing them before I even knew they were going to be born. Does that make sense? It does to me. My family feels complete now.




  1. Elizabeth, I love reading your posts and am so happy for you guys! They are both such precious girls! I hope to meet them soon!

  2. Always praying for these sweet baby girls! You look so happy holding them, and yes, that makes complete sense!

  3. love these pictures! so glad that you got to hold them for so long. when you have the time, i would love for you to talk with my friend whose 27 weekers are in class with katie and finn... sorry you and i missed each other today. on a side note - i personally LOVE the satisfaction of getting a good score with that blue suction thing!!

  4. I absolutely understand about the feeling that your family is complete now. Take time for yourself too. All four of your kids need you in tip top shape!

  5. Elizabeth!!!!
    Oh my goodness! Look at your precious baby girls!!!! :) I have been following your blog ever since the girls have been born! They are precious! I am praying for them, as they continue to grow! You are the strongest mama I know! I think and pray for you all the time. Much love to you and your beautiful family.

  6. Love these pictures! Such a precious time. I know they get better everyday with all the love you and Scott give them! Still praying for them daily. It was so good to see you today!