Sunday, January 29, 2012

Small Setback

Spoiler Alert: Millie and Ruby are fine, but Millie had a little setback this week. Millie got her blood transfusion on Wednesday. The blood was given twice 12 hours apart. When I came in to see the girls on Thursday morning Millie's heart rate was hovering around 100 which is low for babies. She had also been put back on the nasal cannula with a little oxygen, because she had been dropping her sats as well. The MD came in, and said it was probably fluid overload from all the new blood, so he ordered a chest X-ray to make sure there was no fluid in her lungs (there wasn't), and then gave her Lasix (a diuretic) to make her pee off the extra fluid. That seemed to help and her heart rate improved. Just in case she had an infection going on as well they did not start her feeds back, so she got TPN through her IV line for the next 24 hours. They started her feeds back slowly yesterday, and by last night she was back on her full amount and doing fine. They also took her nasal cannula back off yesterday. She did get her first bottle yesterday and just like Ruby she did great. Ruby continues to get 1 bottle/day.

I haven't checked their weights from last night but the night before Millie weighed 3 lbs 15 oz and Ruby weighed 3 lbs 7oz. Ruby is also wearing clothes now!

Millie getting her first bottle. Sorry Millie when you read this one day that your hat looked so goofy!

The girls aren't even home yet, and I seem to be losing my mind more and more every day. I walked out of the house this week and this is what I saw:

That is Jake's cup of milk on top of my car which had been there overnight. Ha Ha I thought - can't believe I left his cup on top of the car. 3 minutes later as I got to the top of my street I heard a big "THUNK." My first thought was that something hit my car and then I remembered the cup. So I saw the cup, took a picture of the cup, then still left it on top of the car. It was raining so I kept going and didn't stop to look for it. Our nanny spotted it later that day in a neighbor's yard. I finally went back and got it the next day.

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