Friday, January 20, 2012


Millie wearing her first clothes!

Ruby off the nasal cannula!

Today's stats: Millie is 3 lbs 6 oz and Ruby is 3 lbs! They are really starting to look like real babies now and get some fat in their cheeks.

Yesterday the girls were 33 weeks gestational age. The neonatologist told me I could try breast feeding with them once/day. I was able to try with Millie yesterday and she actually latched on. She did not take in much, but the fact that she latched on for about 5 minutes was great. We should be able to start bottles soon (much easier for them than breast feeding). Millie actually sucked her thumb for about 10 minutes while I was holding her today. It was the cutest thing, and maybe she will be a thumb sucker like her older brothers. I couldn't believe she could actually coordinate that at 33 weeks.

Ruby is still doing great off the nasal cannula. She has not really had any desats. Millie still has a few even on the oxygen, but her lungs just need a little longer to get stronger.

More pics you say? Twist my they are:

Emmett wanted to wear his rain boots with his PJ's tonight.

Emmett also wanted his lovey (Baa) to take a bath with him tonight. Good thing we have a back up Baa.

Jake doing some mall walking - his favorite weekend activity (other than swimming).


  1. Can't stand how cute they all are! What blessings!! Your family is simply beautiful. The girls are getting big. I just can't believe how much they change in such a short amount of time between posts. Praying for continued progress!